Ideas Factory

Have yourself a merry little Christmas...

To round off this year and get everyone in the mood, we have a little Christmas treat courtesy of our resident designer/musical genius - Cheapskate aka MJ. 

He's put together a playlist of alternative Christmas tunes.
No Sir Cliff Richard unfortunately.

Listen & enjoy here

A Glass Act

Now taking pride of place next to the studio stereo is this handsome pair of Cream awards. If you missed our earlier announcement about our wins in the Art Direction and Press Campaign categories for the Douglas & Gordon 2011 advertising campaign you can find it here.

Book of Ideas—
25th Anniversary Special Edition

As a little treat for our much loved & appreciated clients and to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we have put together a special edition Ideas Factory Book of Ideas. The team spent a busy day yesterday, collating, packing, folding, stamping and then posting. As you can see by the pictures, it was all hands on deck!

September Industry

We've been lucky enough to be featured on September Industry. The blog showcases the very best in graphic design from around the world and it is a privilege to be included amongst some great names.

The Fat Duck

Just a quick announcement and a bit of an opportunity to show off...

If you try calling the studio today, we'll be out sampling the weird and wonderful at The Fat Duck in Bray. As you probably know, Heston Blumenthal's celebrated restaurant has some unusual fare so we're all very excited and intrigued!

Intelligent, thought provoking advertising

We spotted this interesting & highly appropriate use of 'Show Through' on a recent Met Police advert.

Show Through is the technique of printing text back to front on the reverse of a thin sheet of paper. As the paper is so thin, the text comes through and as in this case can be used to great effect.

360° Douglas & Gordon

There's nothing better than having a job come back from the printers and today we received the new Douglas & Gordon corporate brochure.

Entitled '360°', the brochure takes a comprehensive look at the modern estate agency. Excellent work by Empress Litho to bring our designs to life through lovely print, laser cutting & gauze binding.

Official photos to come soon!