Ideas Factory

Hello, Ey Up, Xin Chào

A big hello to Nathan, our new intern and expert illustrator. Nathan comes to us via Leeds and Hanoi so we're all looking forward to seeing some cracking work and hearing some interesting stories over the coming weeks.

Best of British

With the Jubilee and Olympics on the horizon, the V&A's British Design 1948 - 2012 exhibition takes a timely look at the impact of British culture across the globe.

Working across 8 decades and countless disciplines, the exhibition displays many wonderful examples of leading British design. From the Festival of Britain in 1951, 60's pop culture and 70s punks all the way to the leading lights of today, the exhibition is a great opportunity to absorb the significance of our leading creative industries.

You can find out more information here and view a great film about British design in 2012 here

(I do want to go to) Chelsea

Contrary to Mr Costello's song, Chelsea is a lovely place and Wednesday saw the team take a little research trip around its famous streets.

In preparation for any new project, it is important to get a real feel and understanding of the client, their audience and the area. This helps us discover what makes them tick, what drives their purchasing decisions and how can we engage them. 

Another Fine Mesh

We like to experiment with print techniques and finishes at IF, pushing the boundaries and getting the most we can from the processes available. So it was nice in the last month for me to enjoy a screen printing course and see my design come to life in my own hands. 

Edge Interiors

We are delighted to announce that we have been commissioned by Edge Interiors to develop their brochure, stationery and exhibition stand over the coming months. 

Watch this space for developments on the exciting projects...