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Sounds of the Equinox

September: famous for Black Wednesday, the Twin Towers, the start of the great fire of London and many more poignant events. However, the little known fact about September is that it is the start of the autumnal equinox; when the days are as long as the nights, and we start to approach autumn in all of its glory.

So click here for our equinox inspired playlist, just as dark as it is light.


Justin's Amazing World

Justin thought our recently unearthed project with Thomas Goode was worthy enough for his blog. We worked with Thomas Goode to create an invitation for Peter Ting's opening for his ceramic collection.

Justin specialises in writing about paper, and it's an honour to be mentioned on his blog.

You can read Justin's thoughts about the project here

It doesn't all have to be new...

With all the new housing developments being built, and with the glass exterior of The Shard cutting through London's skyline, it's easy to think that all new developments have to be, well, new.  However, on a three acre site in Highbury Park Mount Anvil are retaining Loxford House, a beautiful Victorian Building, converting it into flats and adding mature, landscaped gardens for public use. They are also building 18 new town houses, but hopefully will keep some of the period architecture in their plans.

It's nice to see the charm of the beautiful environs of central London are being kept, and that property development just doesn't mean new. And with the recent announcement from the government to relax planning permission laws it really seems that we'll be improving what we've got. So here's to the new-old-new.

Designed to Win

To celebrate the fabulous Summer of sport that is drawing to a close, the good folk at the Design Museum have put together wonderful exhibition - Designed to Win. Taking an in-depth look at how design and innovation play such an important part in modern day sport, the exhibition examines everything from the humble trainer to the most advanced sports car.

I highly recommend a jog or brisk walk down to the museum although be wary of the rather tempting cakes in the coffee shop afterwards! The exhibition runs (pun intended) until the 18th November - click here to find out more.