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Paper Ornithology

Here at Ideas Factory we love beautiful things. Whilst doing a little research we stumbled on these absolutely lovely birds, made by Diana Beltran Herrera.

They are cut out of paper and photographed to make them look completely animated, chatting with friends or showing off their beautiful plumage! We love all of them!

Have a look at the rest of the flock here.

Raleigh Goes on Forever

At the Djanogly Art Gallery at Lakeside Art Centre, University of Nottingham, there is a fabulous exhibition on called Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. Based on the novel and film of the same name, which follows a 1950's machinist in a Raleigh Factory, this collection of photographs celebrates a simpler time in Nottingham, Sheffield and its environs.

I was lucky enough to see it at the weekend, and if you live close by or are going up north for Christmas, you should have a look too! Beautiful black and white photographs, a look inside 50's bicycle factories and mothers in aprons are just some of the amazing things on show in the exhibition.

Click here for more information.


We were all very impressed by the recent article on the Creative Review blog, 'When Billboards Rocked'. 

These beauitful billboards from the Sunset Strip in 70's LA are eye catching, awe-inspiring and one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Also the photographs, cars and those blue, blue skies are a celebration of all things 70's.

We hope you like them too. (Click here for the full article.)

Story Time

This week it's National Short Story week. To celebrate I've been rereading some of my favourites from over the years, and thought I should share my top three with you.

In no particular order:

"After I was Thrown in the River and Before I Drowned" by Dave Eggers, from How We Are Hungry.
A lovely little story about a dog that just loves running.

"Something That Needs Nothing" by Miranda July, from No One Belongs Here More Than You.
Angst ridden and dreamy, this story follows two young girls trying to understand their relationship with one another.

"You're Ugly, Too." by Lorrie Moore, from Self Help, also in The Collected Stories.
This story follows Zoe Hendricks on her journey to her sisters fancy dress party.

If you like reading then you should check out any of those stories or authors. And for a lovely little accompaniment to No One Belongs Here More Than You click here.

Happy reading!

Some Time With William Klein

The fun doesn't stop when we step out of the IF studio, and JD proved this with a little trip to the Tate Modern to celebrate his birthday. He was lucky enough to see the William Klein + Daido Moriyama exhibition which is running until the 20th January. The exhibition contains over 60 years of photography and really is a treat for the eyes!

Click here for more information and head on down if you get a chance!

What a Scorcher!

Despite windy autumn days, dipping temperatures and falling leaves, Ideas Factory have a little bit of sunlight in their lives.

Bright new posters arrived at the studio recently, printed in Pantone 904 (neon orange). They highlight our favourite collaborations with clients such as Douglas & Gordon and Land Securities to name but a few.

To find out more or to add a bit of brightness back into your life then please get in touch.

Sounds of the Election

After 4 years as President of the United States, Barack Obama's fate is once again in the hands of the American public, with a strong challenge from Republican Mitt Romney. After months of campaigning, hours of debate and nail biting polls, election day is just around the corner.

Click here for a selection of tunes to soothe you through the white knuckle ride. Come on, Obama!