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London Marathon 2013

Julia will be running the London Marathon this year to raise money for Age UK, who support the UK's rising elderly population.

I've been watching Julia's training progress over the past few months and though she may rely on nurofen and coffee a bit too much these days, I'm sure she'll be there on the 21st of April, all guns blazing, ready to do her best. (With me cheering from the sides.)

For more information about Age UK and Julia's sponsor page please click here. Anything you can pledge would be greatly appreciated by her and all at Ideas Factory.


Geraldo de Barros' photographic work is currently on display at The Photographers Gallery in W1 (who had a new identity from North last summer).

I was lucky enough to be in the vicinity and popped in to see Barros' work, which was a wonderful homage to photography, film processes and all things negative (in the photographic sense).

A room full of cropped and edited negatives, beautiful double exposure darkroom prints and personal trinkets makes this exhibition a lovely start to any day in the west end.

Full details here.

Love is a gamble and I'm so glad that I'm winnin'

It's playlist time, and of course, February conjures up just one thought (well, for me anyway); Valentines Day.

So whether you celebrate it all guns blazing, or avoid it like the plague, it's still nice to listen to some love songs, isn't it?

Click here to listen to our valentines day inspired love songs playlist.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Our friend Nick Patrick at Domaine de Sédouprat in SW France has released his new wine and it's not just the Ideas Factory designed label that's winning plaudits. The content is wonderful too and Nick's just signed a deal to supply Tanners Wine Merchants in the UK.

This wine is dedicated to Nick's three Rhodesian Ridgebacks. The Ridgeback is a large lion-hunting dog breed originally bred in the South of Africa by crossing Dutch mastiffs with indigenous wild dogs with dorsal “ridges” – hence the name. They are not well known in France and visitors to the vineyard are absolutely fascinated by their size, beauty and calm temperament.