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Stay Inside

It may be Halloween but photographer Klaus Pichler makes staying inside look so good.

Full project here.

We're Hiring

Our busy studio is looking for a talented junior graphic designer. 

The successful applicant will be a talented, creative designer with 3/4 years experience. Ready to push the boundaries and have the ability to work under pressure whilst upholding creative excellence. The ideal candidate will have a beautifully crafted portfolio which is presented to the highest of standards, showcasing highly creative projects that you have designed from concept through to delivery. We are a small studio, so everyone gets involved in everyday projects, working together and with direct involvement with the clients too.

If you are interested in the role, please email your CV and portfolio to

Banksy in NY

Hey, I don't know if you remember the days of Santa's Ghetto, Pictures on Walls and some guy called Banksy from the early 2000's? I remember being a keen young thing and schlepping to the west end (this was before East London was East London) to see the street art on show at Santa's Ghetto.

Anyway, since then Mr Banksy has made a very, very big name for himself, and is currently spending some time in New York, promising a new artwork a day. They've been popping up all over the city, and the selfies and hilarious photographic moments haven't stopped.

Better still, Banksy decided to sell some of his artworks for $60 a piece (signed) on the streets of New York, but only managed to sell a handful. I guess art imitating life imitating art isn't so easy to sell (think all of those rip off Banksy canvases you've seen...)

See the full film of Banksy's stall here. 

Things Come Apart

Todd McLellan's Things Come Apart has been entertaining me for months so I thought I should share it's splendour with all of you. 

It's a coffee table book that really packs a punch. Todd has been taking things apart for years and now has made a beautiful book of everyday objects from then and now, all beautifully opened up, laid out and photographed. Highlights include the digital watch, the analogue watch and a grand piano.

Check out the full project here!