Ideas Factory

What is Luxury?

We spent Friday afternoon at the V&A's current exhibition, 'What is Luxury?' Luxury is something our clients often reference when approaching us with new projects and this was a perfect opportunity to get to the roots of what that means. There was an array of wonderfully executed objects on show that demonstrated precision, attention to details and remarkable finishes.

One that really stood out was Studio Swine's Hair Highway (pictured), in which strands of Asian hair were laid out flat in a thin layer and coloured resin was poured over the top to give a tropical hardwood effect before being glued back together to create decorative items.

We left the exhibition with the same conclusion, luxury is not functional. It's a chance to show off skill and complex techniques and separates itself from the current trends of market demands. The exhibition runs until 27 September so try and make it while you can!