Ideas Factory

BP Portrait Award 2016

Today I visited the BP Portrait Award Exhibition, held at the National Portrait Gallery. The Award, now in its 37th year, has become internationally prestigious with 2,557 entries from around the world.

Showcasing contemporary portraiture that remained loyal to timeless technique, the work in this exhibition beautifully and memorably captured the individuality and refinement of human form and expression.

The subtlety and purity of Clara Drummond’s 'Girl in a Liberty Dress' won her the first prize of the Portrait Award, but it was Laura Guake’s painting titled 'Petras' that really took me. The story behind the painting and the sheer scale of it, as well as the precision of the technique and execution of the final outcome was what made this painting really stand out.

The exhibition closes on the 4th of September and is an incredible one to visit if you can.

The Summer Exhibition

The Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy is like an institution within the art world, and has been going since 1769. Put together this year by Richard Wilson, the exhibition displays over 1,100 works.

An array of innovative and exciting ideas were displayed through the beautifully executed outcomes, each created in mediums complementary to the styles of the artists work.

A piece that really stood out for me was titled ‘Migration’ and was a scene of galloping horses, each intricately laced in wires, which formed a structure depicting a forest landscape. The depth, detail and beauty of this piece was hugely captivating.

The Summer Exhibition is running up until the 21st of August and is worth a visit for a chance to catch a snapshot of the next generation of contemporary art.

What is Luxury?

We spent Friday afternoon at the V&A's current exhibition, 'What is Luxury?' Luxury is something our clients often reference when approaching us with new projects and this was a perfect opportunity to get to the roots of what that means. There was an array of wonderfully executed objects on show that demonstrated precision, attention to details and remarkable finishes.

One that really stood out was Studio Swine's Hair Highway (pictured), in which strands of Asian hair were laid out flat in a thin layer and coloured resin was poured over the top to give a tropical hardwood effect before being glued back together to create decorative items.

We left the exhibition with the same conclusion, luxury is not functional. It's a chance to show off skill and complex techniques and separates itself from the current trends of market demands. The exhibition runs until 27 September so try and make it while you can!

Tim Nunn

Last week I popped along to a talk by world renowned surf photographer Tim Nunn. Hosted at a packed Finisterre clothing store in Seven Dials the evening was a real treat for those in London missing the coast.

Tim tries to show that there is another side to the preconception that surfing is all about hot sunny days on beaches in the tropics. He pioneers surf documentation and image making in natures colder regions. Drawn to these wild, remote and stunning locations his ability behind the lens, in and out of the water, is second to none.

His tales of living wild with bears in Canada, and spending months exploring Iceland’s vast coastline had us captivated from start to finish.

Brightening Up January

We're big fans of the new Fedrigoni calendars for 2014 that were dropped off at the studio last week. Designed and developed by Cornwall based Graphic Designer Paul Betowski the desk calendar takes inspiration from the humble Post-it®.

It's sure to brighten up our desks!