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Warming Up

It's been cold. It's been cold to the bones. So whilst spring is springing into action, slowly, we have made an April playlist that is full of heart/chest/brain warming songs. Enough, even, to forget the wind, the rain and the cold.

Click here to listen.

And keep warm!

Spring into Action

I don't know if you've noticed, but the days are getting longer, and the sun has started to shine (sometimes). It's playlist time and this month I thought we should celebrate all things spring – and not just lambs and eggs, but new buds appearing, longer days, and new starts. All this new life around means we should be striving to be better, so here's a selection of songs to celebrate that fact.

Click here to listen!

Love is a gamble and I'm so glad that I'm winnin'

It's playlist time, and of course, February conjures up just one thought (well, for me anyway); Valentines Day.

So whether you celebrate it all guns blazing, or avoid it like the plague, it's still nice to listen to some love songs, isn't it?

Click here to listen to our valentines day inspired love songs playlist.

Sounds of Hope

Four days into 2013 and hopes are still high. In order to welcome in the New Year we've created a playlist containing songs which detail our desires, dreams and aspirations for the New Year.

We hope you have a great one too, and maybe you could find some inspiration for the New Year within the playlist. Click here to listen. Enjoy!

Sounds of the Election

After 4 years as President of the United States, Barack Obama's fate is once again in the hands of the American public, with a strong challenge from Republican Mitt Romney. After months of campaigning, hours of debate and nail biting polls, election day is just around the corner.

Click here for a selection of tunes to soothe you through the white knuckle ride. Come on, Obama!