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Sounds of the Equinox

September: famous for Black Wednesday, the Twin Towers, the start of the great fire of London and many more poignant events. However, the little known fact about September is that it is the start of the autumnal equinox; when the days are as long as the nights, and we start to approach autumn in all of its glory.

So click here for our equinox inspired playlist, just as dark as it is light.


The Sound of A Window

It's the day that Sky Sports invented themselves for – the self congratulatory scoops with reporters hanging around rainy training grounds stealing glimpses of footballers arriving behind tinted windows. For the fans it's the dream of signing that Brazilian who was great on Football Manager and ending up seeing your star midfielder leave for his "dream move" to his "boyhood favourites".

It's Transfer Deadline Day, and you can soundtrack the events here.

Sporting Sounds

We're all a little sad in the studio now that the Olympics has finished. To aid our melanchony and relive all the magical moments from the past 2 weeks, we've put together a little Olympic themed spotify playlist. It's a good thing the Paralympics start next week!

Click here to listen to the playlist.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas...

To round off this year and get everyone in the mood, we have a little Christmas treat courtesy of our resident designer/musical genius - Cheapskate aka MJ. 

He's put together a playlist of alternative Christmas tunes.
No Sir Cliff Richard unfortunately.

Listen & enjoy here