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Carte Blanche
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Based on our experience of the luxury travel sector, our client came to us with an idea for a boutique travel company that offered genuinely tailor-made travel experiences.

Launching a new business into a buoyant, competitive market poses many problems. Carte Blanche needed to create an immediate impact, clearly communicating their USP to capture market share.

Originating from the owners belief of creating each holiday from scratch, the name Carte Blanche was born. From extensive research & conversations, we developed a unique position for the company focussing on 'Tailored Travel & Exclusive Style'. This enabled us to build a powerful brand experience based around a luxurious brochure designed with a ‘blank canvas’ on the outside, and bursting with inspiration on the inside. The accompanying website and marketing campaign complemented both the design and consistent message of the brand.

Carte Blanche announced themselves to the luxury travel sector and quickly gained a sizeable market share. Following the successful launch, the business was fully profitable at the end of year one. After continued growth in year two, and higher than expected sales, the business was sold to investors for profit and continues to see outstanding results.

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Scott Dunn

"Ideas Factory helped us to create a brand out of nothing, they turned a tour operating idea into a very elegant, sophisticated, modern and beautiful company called Carte Blanche Travel.
The designers are very skilled and innovative; they were very creative, open minded and accommodating to different ideas we had, and allowed the process to be truly collaborative and more importantly, exciting and fun."
Rena Guseynova
Founder, Carte Blanche