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2011/2012 Corporate Advertising Campaign
'Extraordinary People'

Douglas & Gordon are a new breed of estate agent with a rich history and a fierce willingness to break new ground. They are professional, innovative and caring, qualities rarely associated with their profession. They first approached Ideas Factory to update their logo in 1998. Thirteen years and over two thousand separate projects later, our relationship is stronger than ever and we’re proud to retain guardianship of their brand.

By expressing their unique qualities through their corporate advertising they gain a significant advantage in such a competitive sector.

Due to the greet success and response to this campaign in 2011, 2012 saw the return of 'extraordinary people', developing the idea to taking a fantastical look at the passions of the team.

Ideas Factory were asked to create an engaging and memorable corporate advertising campaign that reflected the Douglas & Gordon brand values and personality. The brief also required the development and expression of tangible points of difference, reinforcing the considered high level of service that Douglas & Gordon have become renowned for.

With thousands of customer testimonials heralding the 'extraordinary people' that make up Douglas & Gordon, Ideas Factory proposed a rich and fantastical homage. Each month different employees are introduced within a photographic set, which exaggerates their real life hobby or passion. The adverts reference, in a playful way, how employee pastimes benefit their ability to help Douglas & Gordon customers.

Throughout the 24 month campaign, Douglas & Gordon have seen continued reinforcement of their core brand values and increased brand awareness. The much talked about and award nominated advertising has improved Douglas & Gordon's appeal to vendors, buyers and potential employees.

Cream Awards 2011
Winner – Best Press Campaign
Winner – Best Art Direction

Pamda Awards 2012

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"I bloody love Ideas Factory!"
Ivor Dickinson
Managing Director,
Douglas & Gordon