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Roundhouse Design are independent British designers, architects and craftsmen whose approach embraces the house, the home and the whole creative process – from concept to completion.

Because they bring design vision and architectural perspective to bear on every detail, there’s a much greater scope to what Roundhouse do. In short, they create beautiful British furniture to suit the most exacting requirements of any client.

Roundhouse reapproached Ideas Factory to build upon the success of their 2006 re-branding and the subsequent design and production of their first sales brochure. It was time to create a sales brochure solution for a more grown up and established company.

With the average sales price for a Roundhouse kitchen up by 250%
from when Ideas Factory first repositioned them as a key challenger-brand 5 years previously, it was essential to portray a confident and premium image.

Ideas Factory embarked on producing an image-based, 100-page look book. A coated paper embellished the beautifully shot case studies, while the small information section was printed in the two brand colours on a tactile, uncoated paper. An air of confidence was created through the use of minimal, informal and conversational copy. Production values were extremely high and the cloth-covered, case-bound tome was finished with foiled details to both sides. As well as varnishes, we chose two contrasting stocks to distinguish between the case studies and the information-based section at the back.

The stunning and original brochure has been unanimously well received within Roundhouse and by their key press contacts. Brand awareness has been stimulated and the company has been provided with a solid foundation from which to build a new strategy for future revenue growth and expansion.

Following the successful completion of the brochure, Roundhouse commissioned Ideas Factory to design and build their new CMS driven website. The solution needed to showcase ‘finished product’ imagery and work in harmony with the new brochure.

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"Ideas Factory is the perfect
fit for Roundhouse – a friendly, independent and highly professional design company which produces innovative, excellent work. Like many of our own repeat customers we returned to Ideas Factory instead of searching around for a new company, when we needed an update for our brochure & website.

We were confident that IF had a thorough understanding of our brand, would listen to all our varied demands, work collaboratively and produce a stunning and original solution. We were right!! Everyone at Roundhouse is completely delighted with the new brochure."

Jane Telford 
Roundhouse PR & Marketing