Ideas Factory

Thomas Goode

Thomas Goode is situated in the heart of Mayfair and remains one of London's best kept secrets: a house of luxury which stays true to its original Victorian values, offering a pledge of quality to its discerning customers. Thomas Goode is recognised as the best crystal, fine bone china and silverware shop in the world.

After completing a number of projects for Thomas Goode, such as a label design for their in-house champagne and a leather bound catalogue of the store's stunning collections, we were then asked to create a distinctive campaign for an in-store exhibition of designer Peter Ting's new ceramics collection.

The marketing for the Peter Ting exhibition included advertising, an exhibition catalogue, press relations and a remarkable bone china invitation. The invitee was instructed to hold the invitation up to the light, which meant the screen printed event details would then subtly be revealed. This playful consideration of the translucent nature of thin china created an invitation that clearly conveyed the event details in a memorable and engaging manner.

The supporting invitation wrap was developed to introduce and emphasise the concept. The viewer initially received the item fully wrapped in a beautiful Japanese paper that contained a distinctive dotted watermark pattern. The paper was wrapped around the item using a complex folding system that allowed the viewer to slowly reveal the invitation. This system perfectly complimented the concept behind the invitation and created a seamless, considered experience.