Ideas Factory

St George - Vista Apartments

Following on from the success of the recent Sovereign Court Area Guide, St George re-approached Ideas Factory to produce the host brochure for the latest development in the Dickens Yard residential quarter.


The challenge was to give the development a unique and distinctive identity that would set it apart from the other developments in the complex. A premium and sophisticated look was key, as well as a design that would sit comfortably alongside the other brochures for Dickens Yard. The only pre-determined aspect was the name; Vista Apartments.


Ideas Factory created an identity by visualising the meaning of the development’s name, while at the same time reinforcing the bold letterforms. Focusing on large full bleed panoramic views gave the brochure a distinctive look and feel. The colour palette was inspired by the many sunset photos taken in the area, and communicates Vista’s sophistication
 and luxuriousness with a deep black cover offset with copper foils and metallic ink used throughout.


The brochure proved to be effective as the key marketing tool for St George to launch the Vista development, receiving an overwhelming response in the opening days.