Ideas Factory

Champions - The Chelsea View

Champions of Chelsea are a leading boutique estate agency, offering a bespoke service to all current and prospective clients.

Champions were looking to create a market report that was to appeal to a wide target audience who were looking to purchase and invest in property in Chelsea. As there were no existing visual assets, part of the challenge was to create a suite of information graphics that would clearly communicate the data and the content of each article. 

Ideas Factory started by creating the information graphics, each were bespokely created and were unique to the content of the report. Each article was then designed around each graphic, creating a natural flow to the document in order to hold the readers attention. The Chelsea View’s name was derived to feel personable and in keeping with the Champions brand, this was then locked up in a masthead on the cover and combined with a beautiful illustration that was unique to Chelsea.

The Chelsea View was printed using two colours which gave the report a formality and added visual weight and consistency throughout. The booklets were very well received and enabled Champions to stand out against their competitors market reports which were much more formal and focussed around the data as opposed to the stories within the articles.