Ideas Factory

Laurent Residential
Website / Marketing

Laurent Residential are an independent property company situated in Barnes village, with a rich heritage in their local community.

Our challenge here was to provide Laurent Residential with a fresh, engaging and contemporary website. It was paramount for the site to be clear and easy to navigate while positioning them as having a wealth of knowledge on their local area.

Ideas Factory created a modern, clean and fresh website working across all platforms. Combining full screen imagery alongside typography with space to breathe, a balance was achieved in maintaining LR’s approachable character while giving them a contemporary edge. The addition of an ‘Insight’ section created an updateable space where users can keep up to date with all that’s happening on the market and positioning Laurent Residential as thought leaders.

Barnes in Bloom
In addition we created the 'Barnes in Bloom' campaign to help Laurent engage with and gain further trust and respect from within their target audience as well as positioning them as a caring and community-focussed local business. Ideas Factory produced 'Going for Gold' batons to pass the message in the local area as well as a Barnes in Bloom web page.